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Become an influencer

Check out our influencer blog for useful tips and resources for our ambassadors! Our terms can be easy to get acquainted with, but is not written in stone, exceptions can be made. After filling out the short form below, you will receive an email to proceed with the process.

What do I work with as an ambassador?

Influencers has several tasks, this makes an ambassador:

1. Create content

2. Sell products, often using discount codes

3. Build community

The promotion often takes place through instagram, most of them are so-called "instagram ambassadors". But the marketing can also be done via Tiktok or Youtube. It is also possible to have your own influencer side.

Create content as an influencer

Content is usually video, for example reels or pictures.

Sell products

This is largely about building a "platform" where followers accept your recommendations. Here it is important to stay consistent and credible. We have made it easy to keep it credible by influencers having a full right of return on everything they receive, including what they receive for free. To the extent that you give a review, it is important that you can also mention the negative, it is rare that a product will actually suit everyone, and the best is when the influencer manages to help the right person and find the right product. A sale that becomes a bargain is not good for the influencer, the buyer or the company that has to process the return.

Community building

Influencers are by nature more engaged than average and can help to keep life together by creating discussion and providing good input. An example is product group for famme


How to become an influencer

We have written a bit about how to become an influencer, then with a special focus on instagram, but the principles are the same and apply to Tiktok, Youtube and other social media. Influencers are often associated with Instagram ambassadors who receive sponsored products. When you become an ambassador for a product, it is often a requirement to be able to take nice pictures, especially if you are promoting clothes. Since we almost exclusively produce clothes, you will then become an ambassador for clothes by collaborating with us.

How to get sponsored on instagram 

1. Take nice pictures

2. Have many followers

Have committed followers who trust you

How much and how to make money?

How much ambassadors earn varies greatly. The biggest influencers usually have a price of thousands of kroner for a post on instagram, so the biggest biggest influencers can earn several hundred thousand a year. Another common model is free sponsored products and commissions. So how influencers make money varies from agreement to agreement with the companies they work with. Famme mostly has commissions and sponsored products, but can also offer a fixed price.


Finish as an ambassador

Sometimes there are other things in life that are in focus than promoting sponsored products on instagram or sharing discount codes, and that's all right! If you no longer wish to receive ambassador emails and be part of the ambassador program, you can unsubscribe here: